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Thursday, 19 October 2017 06:21
Mahdavia Dairah of North America (MANA) has secured a piece of land in nearby Rose Hill Cemetery, on Peterson Ave in Chicago, USA dedicated exclusively to the burial of deceased Mahdavis and clearly marked with a sign "Mahdavia Hazira". This piece of land is conveniently located at the entrance of  Rose Hill Cemetery -separate from common Muslim Burial Section. 
It may be recalled that all the grave plots in the Muslim Burial Section within Rose Hill Cemetery are sold out. Also, we were getting a better price at the Bohemian cemetery, however, besides the distance, this place has serious problems including interior location within the cemetery, wetlands and frequent flooding due to the nearby Chicago River.

By the Grace of Allah we have been able to negotiate a contract with Rose Hill Cemetery Management for an exclusive piece of land set apart for burial of deceased members of Mahdavia community at the price of $2,150/- per grave plot that is 40% discount of the current price of $3,450/.  

Back-home in India, at our Hazira's we provide the grave plots Lillah (free of cost). However, the same is Not possible here in USA as we have to purchase the grave plots and other services (that are in addition to the price of grave plot) including Transportation of the body from Hospital to Funeral Home and from Funeral Home to the cemetery (by Funeral Director), opening and closing of the grave, Concrete Liner, headstone etc., from the Cemetery Management.   

Brothers and Sisters in Faith living in USA are advised to secure at least one grave plot per household for (may Allah Save) any emergency. You may also purchase in lot(s) (one lot consists of 4 grave plots) for a family or for any brother or sister of our community (who may not be able to afford) for the sake of Sawab.
For the convenience of members of the community we have worked-out an interest free monthly payment plan with the Cemetery Management (if needed). Registration of grave plot will be done and Pin Number issued only after full payment is made.

For details details please contact my humble-self.

Your brother in Faith
Syed ShahNoor Mohammad
Phone: 773-981 2786
Mahdavia Dairah of North America (MANA)
2600 W Peterson Ave., Chicago, Il-60659, USA.
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